December 6-7, 2019
Las Vegas Festival Grounds
Dec. 6-7, 2019
Las Vegas Festival Grounds


Intersect 2019 brought out stylish music fans by the thousands. The looks were as varied as the festival’s sounds, taking inspiration from both the range of genres and the futuristic environment it took place in. Jumpsuits, glitter, and light-up accessories made strong appearances among the fashion-forward crowd. Neon-streaked throwback rave looks mingled with black-on-black rock ‘n’ roll style, while the entire weekend was shot through with a heavy streak of sparkly country glamour, courtesy of a legion of Kacey Musgraves fans who came ready to shine.

For some of us, picking out the right outfit is as much a part of the festival experience as planning the road trip to get there. For the fashionably adventurous, festival outfits offer an excuse to wear something special, an audience to show it off to, and a unique set of challenges—like putting together a look that can stand up to an entire day of nonstop dancing—that can push your personal style to a new level.

Festival fashion is a way for fans in the crowd to make their own impact on the experience as a whole, just like the talent performing on stage. Over the course of Intersect weekend we sent our photographers out into the crowd to document the audience, with an eye out for unique fashion. They brought back a collection of looks that are fun, functional, futuristic, and a little out there. Each of them captured the essence of Intersect in one way or another, and helped make our Intersect 2019 weekend a little more memorable.

Take a look at some of our festival fashion favorites.


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