December 6-7, 2019
Las Vegas Festival Grounds
Dec. 6-7, 2019
Las Vegas Festival Grounds


Before Intersect there was re:Play, a multimedia event ambitious enough to spawn an entire festival

Meet Intersect. It’s a new festival where music, art, and tech converge. Or at least technically it’s new. But it’s also kind of been going on for a few years now–long enough to become a feverishly anticipated annual event for an audience in the tens of thousands, even if it’s almost totally unknown to anyone outside the tech industry.

Let’s explain.

Amazon Web Services is the most broadly adopted cloud computing platform. What that means is that it helps hold up a big chunk of the Internet. So big, in fact, that the conference called re:Invent that AWS has held for developers each year since 2011 brings in tens of thousands of attendees, expanding each year. That’s a small city of people who keep the Internet running (including some of your favorite online platforms), exchanging information and ideas, and learning about the latest AWS features.

A lot of work gets done at re:Invent, so after the conference wraps AWS gives attendees a chance to unwind with the same energy. The conference’s official afterparty, named re:Play, has blossomed over the years into one of the biggest entertainment events in tech. DJs and live bands perform on stages outfitted with state of the art, arena-level light shows, while a Laser Dome offers laser light shows programmed to a custom curated soundtrack. A play area offers video games played on giant LED walls, a dodgeball stadium, and a monster-size ball pit. Gourmet food stations keep the audience fed. And it all takes place in an array of futuristic “megastructures” as visually thrilling as anything else on the Vegas Strip.

re:Play’s produced by global creative studio Production Club. Born out of LA’s underground dance scene, they now produce live experiences for electronic music’s elite artists and festivals –designing the visuals, building the sets, programming the pyro, and basically making a live musical performance into an awe-inspiring multisensory experience for audiences worldwide. re:Play is a unique canvas for Production Club to push the limits of their craft at the boundaries of tech, music and gaming. 

And with each passing year, AWS and Production Club have made re:Play bigger and better in every way possible. More musical acts, and bigger names. Bigger video walls and more intricate lighting arrays around the stage. And an audience that’s grown and grown. The 2018 installment took a year of planning and over 36,000 hours of labor to build and tear down, for an audience big enough to fill the average sports stadium–all for a four-hour event.

Intersect’s the next step in the evolution of an event that’s been growing and adapting for years.

It doesn’t take a network efficiency expert to realize that if you’re already essentially creating a whole full-blown music festival that lasts a single evening, you may as well scale it up, open it to the public, and expand it into an entire weekend. And connecting people to music is part of AWS’s DNA. It powers Amazon’s retail platform, and it’s the backbone of Amazon Music. Making re:Play into a real festival turned out to be a natural move for the brand–AWS CEO Andy Jassy even helped pick out some of the talent.

Intersect is re:Play, reinvented. It’s the next step in the evolution of an event that’s been growing and adapting for years. It’s a new approach to creating live experiences that’s been play-tested and fine-tuned and is now ready for wide release. It’s not an experiment–it’s a proven design.

Over the last several years AWS and Production Club have been rethinking the entire festival format, pushing the envelope of what it can be, and figuring out in precise detail how to make that vision come to life. Intersect is the fruit of that labor, and its unique background is going to pay off in a unique experience. It’s going to be more tech-forward. It’s going to be more immersive. The live shows will come with more state of the art spectacle, whether it’s in the form of laser arrays or a fleet of drones in a choreographed airborne dance alongside one of the headliners. There will be more to see and do and taste. There will be more to remember. And we know you’ll love it because we’ve already been doing it for years.

The best kept secret in tech is now open to the rest of the world.  You’re invited to come see what all the excitement is all about.


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